Remarks by Ambassador Luo Zhaohui at the Forum on China-India Museum Management.

Remarks by Ambassador Luo Zhaohui at the Forum on China-India Museum Management.

(December 20th, National Museum of India)

Dear Dr. B. R. Mani, Director General of National Museum,

Ladies and Gentlemen,


Namaste and a very good morning!


It is my great pleasure to attend the Forum on China- India Museum Management. On behalf of the Chinese government, I would like to express warmest congratulations.


As I know, the colleagues from China and Indian museums have done a lot on the exchanges and cooperation both on bilateral and multilateral occasions. The forum today is of very special significance.


First, the forum is initiated by the leaders. Last April, the first Informal Summit was held in Wuhan. Within two days, President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted in 7 events. Hubei Provincial Museum witnessed the first one. The two leaders got together and held a one-on-one meeting and visited the collections of the museum. One of the most famous of their collections is the Chimes.


When I entered National Museum of India just now, I could still hear the resonating sound when PM Modiji struck the chimes in Hubei. He was fascinated by the sound. I would say that is not only the sound of chimes, but the beautiful music of China India Museum cooperation, the beautiful music of Dialogue of Civilizations between China and India, and the beautiful music of the excellent China India relations.


I think Hubei Province impressed Mr. Modiji. One of the consensus reached by the two leaders in Wuhan is to promote bilateral museum cooperation. I am delighted to see that the consensus has been implemented today.


Second, the booming bilateral relations provide us with solid basis for the museum cooperation. Since the Wuhan Informal Summit, our bilateral relations have witnessed tremendous progress. This year, President Xi Jinping and PM. Modiji met for four times. Last year the bilateral trade volume reached USD 84 billion. Over 1000 Chinese companies are doing business in India, creating more than 1 lakh jobs. The two-way visits last year reached more than 1 million. Over 20,000 India youth are studying in China. These numbers reflect the healthy relationship between our two countries.


Tomorrow State Councilor and Foreign Minister of China H.E.Wang Yi and his counterpart Smt. Sushma Swaraj will inaugurate the first meeting of the High Level People to People and Cultural Exchange Mechanism. This is another implementation of the consensus reached by President Xi and Prime Minister Modi. In the next few days, a number of supporting activities including today’s Forum will be held to warm up the exchanges. I believe this mechanism will further enhance our cultural exchange and cooperation as well as our friendship.


Third, the shared civilization heritage provides us with more advantages for museum cooperation. Speaking of India, people in China may immediately think of the long history of exchanges and profound integration of our two cultures. The Indus River civilization, Buddha and the ancient Silk Road will crop up in mind.


Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends,


What is the function of the museums? The purpose of the museums is to record the memory of human history, to collect the heritage of humanity, to educate, study and enjoy. The museum requires professionalism and rich experiences in management. So far what we have done is to hold some kind of mutual exhibition of collections. We can do much more. First, today’s forum should be regularized. This is just the beginning. Second, both sides shall encourage the mutual visits of personnel and experts. Third, both sides shall strengthen the cooperation in scientific research. Fourth, both sides shall co-host workshops and joint exhibitions.


Through these initiatives, we can better share the civilization links and the common heritage, while promoting mutual understanding and friendship.


Last but not least, wish the Forum on China-India Museum Management a great success!


Thank you!

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