Ambassador Sun Weidong took part in the 70th China National Day Celebration organized by India-China Friendship Associations

On Sept 27th, Ambassador H.E. Mr. Sui Weidong and his wife Dr. Bao Jiqing were invited to attend the grand celebration of the 70th China National Day organized by India China Friendship Association (ICFA) and Friends of China Society(FOCS). Over 300 people including Dr.Karan Singh, former well-known Politician, Mr. Prasanna Patasani, Hon'ble MP & President of FOCS, Mr. Katuwa, former DG of ICCR, Mr. Bhaskaran, Mr. R.N.Anil and Dr. Reddy etc from ICFA took part in the event.

During the celebration, artists from Hu Bei province of China presented cultural performances.

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