Dr. Jiang Yili Celebrates Diwali with Children of the 'Little Pearls' Kindergarten

On October 14th, Dr. Jiang Yili, wife of Chinese Ambassador to India, led the teacher and students from Embassy’s Sunshine School to visit the ‘Little Pearls’ kindergarten, and extended festival greetings and sent gifts to the children.

After receiving warm welcome by Chairperson Mrs. Payel Seth and Principal Dr. Ekta Sharma of the ‘Little Pearls’ kindergarten, Dr. Jiang lighted the diyas, watched the dance performance, and danced with the children and teachers.

Dr. Jiang were also shown around the facilities of the kindergarten, and exchanged views on pre-school education and Sino-India cooperation with the administration staff.

The ‘Little Pearls’ kindergarten was founded in 1994, and enjoys high reputation in Delhi. Besides Indian children, foreign children from more than 20 countries, including some children from the Chinese Embassy, are also enrolled in the kindergarten.

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