Relationships between China and Other Countries& International Organizations


Premier Wen visited seven countries in a week. What's your comment on China-Africa relationship? 

 This is Premier Wen's second tour to Africa, which is oriented towards the whole African continent. He will meet with leaders of the seven nations and extensively exchange ideas with the leadership there on bilateral relations, China-Africa relations and regional and international issues of common interest in the spirit of promoting friendship, expanding mutual trust, mutual beneficial cooperation and common development. Earlier this year, the Chinese Government issued China's African Policy. In April, President Hu paid a successful visit to 3 African countries. This is China's another major move toward Africa with a view to further consolidating and developing traditional China-Africa friendship, expanding mutually-beneficial cooperation, establishing and developing new China-Africa strategic partnership.

This year marks the 50th anniversary for the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and African countries. Politically, China and Africa respect and support each other. Economically, we have mutually beneficial cooperation and common development. Culturally, we accommodate and live in harmony with each other. Internationally, we support and cooperate with each other closely. The friendly cooperation between the two has weathered 5 decades' maneuvers of the international situation, becoming a model for South-South cooperation. We hope that the visit will further consolidate and develop our traditional friendship, expand our mutually-beneficial cooperation and establish and develop a new strategic partnership.

Is China-Pakistan strategic partnership directed against India? Does China pursue a balance of power policy toward these two south-Asian countries?

China and Pakistan have maintained friendly cooperation since establishing diplomatic relationship more than 50 years ago. Pakistan has provided China with precious help and support in times of difficulty. Chinese people have the tradition of remembering old friends. China-Pakistan cooperation contributes to development of the two countries as well as regional peace and stability. This cooperation is not directed against any third party. China-Pakistan relationship does not affect the development of China-India relationship.

The United States is the only superpower in the world, while China is a rising power. Could you update the bilateral relationship between these two countries?  What is the major problem that affects China-US relationship?

At present, China-US relationship moves favorably on the whole. High level bilateral exchanges are frequent, strategic dialogue is progressing steadily, bilateral trade is growing rapidly, and personnel exchanges become increasingly closer. The two sides conducted effective consultation and coordination on counter-terrorism, the nuclear issue on Korean Peninsula, Iraqi reconstruction, UN reform and other important issues.

Taiwan issue is the major factor that affects stability and development of China-US relationship. On one hand the United States reaffirms one China policy, its adherence to the China-US three communiqu├ęs and its opposition to Taiwan independence, and on the other hand, it pushes deals to sell advanced weapons to Taiwan and upgrades US-Taiwan tie. China firmly opposes it.

Being two influential countries in the world, China and US do have some differences, but we share more broad and important interests. China believes that a normal development of China-US relationship serves the interests of the two countries and contributes as well to peace, stability and development of the Asian-Pacific region and the world at large. China hopes that both sides will make joint efforts to address each other's concern, properly settle disputes, develop a constructive cooperative partnership and ensure a sound and steady development of China-US relationship.

In recent years, because Japanese prime minister Junichiro Koizumi consistently pay homage to the Yasukuni shrine, Chinese leaders refuse to meet Japanese leaders. What is your comment on China-Japan relationship?

China attaches great importance to the bilateral relationship with Japan. In the spirit of "taking history as a mirror and looking into the future" and in accordance with the three political documents between the two countries, it is hoped that China and Japan can stick to peaceful co-existence, maintain friendship generation after generation, conduct mutually beneficial cooperation and achieve common development.

In recent years, Japanese side has repeatedly caused trouble on the key principal issues that are related to the political foundation of China-Japan relationship, such as history and Taiwan issues. The Japanese leaders insisted on visiting the Yasukuni Shrine that worships Class-A war criminals during World War II. It hurts the feelings of the people of China, leads to their dissatisfaction and draws bilateral political relationship into the most difficult situation since normalization of diplomatic relationship. The Japanese side should be responsible.

Despite the difficulties in China-Japan relations, China remains committed to developing China-Japan friendly cooperative relations. We wish to take up pragmatic measures to push forward improvement and development of bilateral relations.

ASEAN is the leader of East Asia cooperation, and China is the major participant and promoter of it. Could you brief on the China-ASEAN relations?

ASEAN countries are friendly neighbors of China. In recent years, following the foreign policy of "developing good-neighborly relationships and partnerships in the surrounding areas in the efforts to build an amicable, tranquil and prosperous neighborhood",  we have endeavored to forge a stronger China-ASEAN friendly cooperation and have made steady progress. The two sides have established a strategic partnership for peace and prosperity. We are now solidifying and deepening the relationship by formulating and implementing relevant action plans. Bilateral trade and economic cooperation has grown increasingly close. Solid progress has been made in the building of China-ASEAN Free Trade Area. China-ASEAN relationship is not exclusive. We are seeking mutual benefits and common development with the world at large.

The 13th summit of SAARC in principle admitted China as observer, what are China's considerations and expectations?  What role will China play in SAARC?

China positively evaluates the principle agreement on admission of China as observer of SAARC by the 13th SAARC Summit. China and SAARC face similar problems, shoulder common development task and are rather complementary to each other. China is ready to cooperate mutually with SAARC, learn from each other and make up for each other's own deficiencies in various fields.

What is China's expectation of the future development of East Asia Summit? What is China's attitude toward the Asian Economic Community that is advocated by India?

The East Asia Summit is a new thing in East Asia cooperation. It provides a new platform for dialogue and cooperation between East Asia and other countries. China attaches importance to the East Asia Summit. We expect it not only contributes to the construction of East Asia Community, but also benefits common development of East Asia and other regions of Asia and the world. India is an influential Asian power. China welcomes its active role in East Asian cooperation and we wish to keep consultation and coordination with India.

What is China's position on G8?

G8, as a mechanism of coordination among major developed countries, plays an important role in international affairs, particularly in international political and economic affairs. We hope that G8 can keep pace with the time, strengthen cooperation with all parties, and take more concrete measures to help developing countries overcome real difficulties on the basis of equality and mutual benefit. It is under this principle that we have conducted such dialogues with the G8, which are in the interests of both sides and conducive to world stability and common development.

China, Russia and India are influential countries in the world. The dialogue and cooperation among the three countries catch world-wide attention. Would the three countries develop into the alliance against a third country?

 The tripartite cooperation of China, India and Russia is not directed against any third party. It is mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation. We believe that further strengthening of the tripartite mutual understanding and communication and promoting trilateral as well as international cooperation conform to the common aspirations of the three countries, serve the interests of the three countries in politics, economy, security and other fields and contribute to safeguarding peace and stability in the region and the world.


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