Introduction to Practical Chinese Reader

Compiled by professors of Beijing Language University

NPCR is a new series of textbooks designed for English speakers to learn Chinese. It consits of seventy lessons in six volumes for three years of instruction (four to five hours a week).

NPCR has followed in the footsteps of the widely used, highly acclaimed and time-tested Practical Chinese Reader and been compiled in consultation with the HSK Guideline. However, in order to make the study of Chinese language more easy and nteresting, NPCR has adopted a completely new design that is full of fresh ideas and innovation.

1. The learner will be in the cultural setting of Chinese society with several imaginary characters, the international students Ding Libo (son of Gubo and Ding Yun), Lin Na and Ma Dawei, and their Chinese friends, teachers, a journalist, and a tour guide. Through many interesting experiences of these characters, the learner will not only learn authentic Chinese , but also understand Chiense society and culture.

2. To prolmote the learner's motivation, each lesson begins with an objective statement, which specifies what the sutdent will learn and what he (or she) will be able to do with the language by the end of the lesson.

3. The task-oriented learning of situations, topics and functional items is emphasized. The sutdent will learn to sue Chinese in communication from the very beginning of the learning process.

4. Special attention is paid to the instructino of pronunciation,. grammar, morpheme, word, phrase, and discourse. A gradual increase in fifficulty, orderly advances and multiple repeats are stressed to help students master the basic language structure of Chinese.

5. An innovative, systematic method of stressing the basic rules of character formation is uese to teach the Chiense script. Strokes, radicals, componets, single-component characters are taught before multi-componet characters to help the Western students read and write the intriguing Chinese characters.

6. Integrated and balanced instruction of hte four basic skills, listerning, speaking, reading and writting is emphasized. Abundant practive materials, containing authentic materials such as exercises, are supplied for students to use both inside and outside the classroom.

7. A broader range of interesting topics an materials are included. Volumes I and II interweave everyday campus life, to introduce cultural norms and customs closely associated with comprehension and expression of the language. Volumes III and IV concentrate on topics of interest to sutdents, illustrating cultrual differences between Chinese and the West. The last two volumes introduce various aspects of Chinese society, highlighting traditional and contemporary Chinese culture.

8. With tremendous flexibility, the textbooks are suitable for users at different starting points and with different goals.

Each lesson of NPCR textbooks includes Guide to the Lesson, Text, New Words, Supplementary Words, Notes, drills and Practice, Reading Comprehension and Paraphrasing, Grammar, Chiense Characters,and Culture Notes. Texts in the Original Complex Characters, Vocabulary Index and Character Index are provided.

Each Volume comes with a Student's Workbook and an Instructor's Manual along with audiocassette and CD-ROM.



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