Fun With Chinese

Compiled by professors of Peking University and Renmin University of China
Fun With Chinese is compiled by China National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (NOCFL) in close coordination with the British Council. This series of Chinese textbooks is suitable for middle-school students with English as their mother tongue,aging from eleven to sixteen. It is compiled according to the standards of the British NC and GCSE examinations of 2003. It is the first Chinese language textbook for middle-school students that is aligned with the British standard examination. Fun With Chinese consists of six books in three levels with both a student's book and a teacher's book on each level.
As Fun With Chinese is scientifically compiled, it is fun to learn from. The key of the books is its immediately applicable communication. The texts talk about Chinese campus life, family and society, traditional customs, health and sports, education and employment and so on. The content, with the vivid language and the sense of reality, is full of Chinese traditional cultural information, so the students will be more and more enthusiastic about studying Chinese. The textbooks cover every requirement of foreign language curriculum of English speaking countries on Chinese characters, vocabulary, grammar and other areas. They show the key points step by step, and effectively pair key points and communicative topics naturally and in a systematic way.
The teacher's books of Fun With Chinese are composed of two parts: teaching introduction and a lot of supplementary exercises with unit tests similar to the examination in English speaking countries. This design benefits Chinese language teachers of different mother tongues, offering a concrete and practical help to the classroom teaching.
Fun With Chinese is supported by eight CDs, word flash cards for teachers, Chinese Characters flash cards for students, posters and multimedia disks.
The compiling group of Fun With Chinese is composed of professors from Peking University and Renmin University of China who have a rich understanding of writing Chinese language textbooks. During the books' initial year of testing it received high evaluation from teachers and experts of education and examination departments. They all consider that this series of textbooks is well received by students due to the interesting and practical content, with the high start point and the quality of being scientific as well.


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