Compiled by professors of Beijing Normal University
I. Object
LEARN CHINESE WITH ME is intended for high school students whose native language is English. The arrangement and content are designed in light of English cultural background countries. In the meantime, the writers have given full thoughts to the language environment in which the textbooks are used for the learners of 15 to 18 years old to learn Chinese in their own countries.
LEARN CHINESE WITH ME is suitable for the students of different Chinese proficiency,from beginners to learners of elementary or intermediate level. The vocabulary of this textbook is about 2,000. High school students can acquire the credit needed for the entrance of university by studying Chinese with LEARN CHINESE WITH ME.
II. Structure and Content
LEARN CHINESE WITH ME consists of 4 sections on different levels of proficiency, and each section is composed of a student's book, a teacher's book, an exercises book and multimedia disc.

Student' s book covers the topics of daily communication, basic necessities of life, school life, family life, food and health, pastimes, environment and society, transportation and geography, and traditional Chinese culture. Each section consists of 6 units with a review lesson for the main contents to reappear. At the end of each unit, there is a summary that may help students to sum up what they have just learned.
Teacher's book, in accordance with the contents of the student's book, provides systematic explanation. It helps the teachers in the following aspects: teaching strategies, grammar explanation with example sentences, and assessment. It also provides transcript of listening materials recorded on the discs.
Exercises book provides students with inside and outside classroom exercises. In each unit there are 6 to 8 questions that may cover Chinese pinyin, vocabulary, important sentence patterns and characters.
III. Characteristics
1. It has clear objects. Before writing this set of books, the writers carried out a survey in more than 10 high schools in 3 cities in North America with over 30 teachers teaching Chinese.
2. The choice and the order of the contents in the books are decided by principles of communicative approach. The writers make the language structure as the base and the language function as the goal in the books.
3. Students can acquire Chinese language through activities. This is reflected from the interesting classroom activities and the arrangements of phonetic training.
4. Chinese character teaching is arranged according to the principles that reading and writing should be separated. There are many pictures in the books so that students may find them interesting. And in the teacher's book, systematic introduction of the knowledge of Chinese characters are given to help the teachers with preparation for class.
5. Emphasis is also laid on the introduction of Chinese traditional culture. Chinese nursery rhymes, riddles, tongue twister, songs, poems, idiom stories, myths, etc. are introduced in form of phonetic exercises.


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